Trello + GLIDR
Seamlessly move product ideas from roadmap to delivery, without losing context.
Connect your workflow, from roadmap to implementation
Break down silos between your product and engineering teams by integrating the work your product and design teams are doing in GLIDR to the work your engineers are doing in Trello. Send Ideas from GLIDR to different boards and columns in Trello to assign tasks to the right team members.
Bring the “why” with you and ensure product knowledge isn’t lost during handoffs
Support Ideas throughout the entire product development process with full product definition and links to connected GLIDR Evidence in Trello. Maintain context as ideas become features and share direct customer feedback with engineers.
Monitor the status of your build process within GLIDR
Visualize every Idea’s journey from initial planning phases in GLIDR to eventual feature development in Trello. Monitor progress as Ideas progress through different columns and steps in each Trello board’s workflow.
Start building better products
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