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Make products that matter
GLIDR software helps you validate that you're going to market with products and business models that drive real value.
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Build shared understanding of customer needs
Exceptional products start with exceptional customer insight. With GLIDR you can:
Run research to uncover unmet needs and jobs-to-be-done.
Validate your insights by running targeted experiments to test customer behavior.
Align your team around the problems you're trying to solve.
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Prioritize what to build based on real market signals
All of those great product ideas are just assumptions until you prove them right or wrong. Your job is to replace the subjective guesswork with objective market signals. GLIDR helps you surface the right things to the top of the roadmap.
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Figure out the right way to go to market
What is the right business model? How should your price your product? Which are the right channels and partners? Validate your go-to-market and growth strategies through continuous experimentation.
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Track your portfolio
Organize projects into collections and view them on the dashboard using custom filters to surface relevant experiments, answer questions and track the health and velocity of your portfolio.
What our customers are saying
Customer-centricity drives GLIDR forward too.
This is excellent software. I really like how each component of the business model blueprint is broken into experiments that we can track. Really enjoying using it, and can't wait to get to the next level of our experiments, it's like they've been gamified.
Jamie Moran
CMO of NeuroTrainer
Customer 1
GLIDR helps our team better execute the lean startup methodology so that we can improve our innovation management.
David Lee
Director of UX & Product Design, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
Customer 2
We are really happy with what we've seen from GLIDR with regard to pursuing lean product discovery and validation in a collaborative team environment.
Henry Jones
Adjunct Professor, University of Southern Mississippi
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