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Feature 1
Project Workspace
Organize, prioritize, collaborate
Share ideas, generate assumptions, prioritize risks and opportunities, plan research, run tests, and track progress as Experiments move through the GLIDR version of Build-Measure-Learn.
Feature 2
Customizable Canvas
Visually organize your strategy and findings
Use the Lean Canvas, Alex Osterwalder's Business Model Canvas or a custom framework to organize your assumptions, track progress toward your goals and see how your canvas is evolving over time.
Feature 3
Product Assumptions
Figure out what to test
Even the best ideas are just guesses until you test them. Eric Ries refers to these as leap-of-faith assumptions. Capture your critical value, feature and growth ideas as assumptions and then prioritize the risky ones for testing.
Feature 4
Experiments and Research
Replace guesswork with real market signals
Plan, run and analyze experiments at any stage, from early qualitative exploration to growth-stage quantitative testing. This is the GLIDR version of the build-measure-learn feedback loop.
Feature 5
Gather evidence to support validation or invalidation
Gather evidence from interviews and other experiment sources. Attach the evidence to particular assumptions in order to confirm or disconfirm them using customized thresholds.
Feature 6
Focus on what's crucial
Assumptions are risky. Rank order your assumptions and then test the most critical items first. This helps you allocate your time most effectively and reduce risk as you build your go-to-market plan.
Feature 7
Trend Scores
See where the evidence is leading
As you conduct experiments and gather evidence, you'll be rating your assumptions along a 5 point scale. These ratings combine to form a score that indicates whether an assumption is trending towards validation or invalidation.
Feature 8
Searchable knowledge base
Leverage historical data
Get smarter as you go, and bring new team members up to speed faster. When all of your qualitative and quantitative insights are in the same place, you can find patterns you would never have been able to see before.
Feature 9
Powerful integrations
Connect the tools you love
GLIDR becomes your innovation hub, with your favorite productivity, optimization and research tools feeding data in and streamlining collaboration, making it easy to fit GLIDR into your established processes.
Feature 10
Discuss the data with your team
You can @mention someone to start a conversation on any card. Provide supporting context for feature ideas to your engineering team. Keep geographically diverse team up to date and increase productivity. Slack fan? The Slack integration lets you seamlessly incorporate GLIDR updates.
Feature 12
Activity Feed + Posts
Get up-to-speed easily
A feed of the latest team developments. Share ideas or ask questions, even if you're not sure how to categorize them just yet.
Feature 11
Market Sizing
Validate your addressable market with supporting evidence
Your stakeholders want to know how big each opportunity is. Don't ask them to take your word for it. Prove it with evidence from your segmentation and value proposition experiments.
Feature 13
Stay up to speed on important pivots and iterations
Receive alerts when new experiments are planned, evidence is added, assumptions are validated or conversations pick up. Whether you want your notifications to arrive in Slack, email, GLIDR, or any combination of those, it's up to you. You can also decide which activities you want to be notified of.
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