Transforming ideas into growth

Unlock the potential of your company's greatest ideas by rapidly developing market readiness, ensuring you launch new, lucrative products and services.

Solving the challenges of innovation

Whether you're working on a single project or managing a global portfolio, GLIDR is built to help you manage the innovation process.

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Align your Innovation Ecosystem

GLIDR brings all your innovation projects into a single workstream that allows
you to benefit from collective efforts across your organization

The right tools for the job

GLIDR is purpose-built to maximize innovation outcomes by helping
you build and test product concepts in a fraction of the time

Build, Measure, Learn. Decide.

GLIDR drives rapid iteration from customer insights so you can quickly
uncover and invest in the projects with the greatest market potential

Your Innovation "Collaboratory"

GLIDR builds your organization's collective intelligence around innovation
with dynamic data available from all projects, past and present