Your Engine for Growth

GLIDR drives the delivery of market-ready innovation with total visibility and powerful insights so you choose the projects with the greatest potential.


GLIDR surfaces unparalleled insights that ensure innovation projects with the greatest market potential stand out from the rest.

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    Project Dashboard

    Project-level reporting designed to increase your confidence in resource and investment

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    Portfolio Dashboard

    Your complete innovation portfolio is finally available in a single, dynamic view

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    Activity Filters

    Lead you quickly to where you can make the greatest impact on projects, hypotheses, etc.

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    Complete control for organizing your innovation projects (by division, technology, location, market size, etc.)


Bring all of your talent and projects into a single workstream to accelerate the path to market.

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    Your command center for GLIDR; surfacing the most important project and portfolio updates

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    Fully customizable notifications ensure you stay on top of key activities while avoiding information overload

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    Posts & Comments

    Project teams create and share content to build collective intelligence for their team and organization

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    Mentions & Hashtags

    Relevant data for project teams are automatically surfaced across the entire organization to accelerate shared intelligence

Innovation Toolkit

Clear direction for innovation projects builds and maintains their momentum on the path to market.

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    Develop an entire business model for your innovation projects to maximize their viability

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    Build and test your experiments to develop market readiness of your ideas

Dynamic Data

Your "collaboratory" for innovation ecosystem
insights and perspectives to be shared across the organization.

Searchable Archive

Learn from past successes and mistakes to avoid duplicate work to accelerating your projects

Data Warehouse

Limitless data collection powers endless collectective intelligence


Quickly resurface relevant insights to find the right data at the right time

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Enterprise-Grade Security

GLIDR is built on a secure, robust architecture, keeping your innovation data accessible to your company (and nobody else).

Continuous Innovation

GLIDR accelerates and maximizes the output of your entire innovation ecosystem powering your company to consistently drive growth while building collective intelligence.

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