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GLIDR centers product management around discovery and validation, leading agile teams to more successful product launches.
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Product management, reinvented
GLIDR is a product management system that helps teams bring all of their product knowledge together in one place and make data-driven decisions on what to build, from roadmap through discovery, launch and iteration. In GLIDR, you can:
Portfolio Dashboard
Build an agile, data-driven roadmap
Create product plans that are built around the customer feedback, user research and product usage data your team is collecting.
Prioritize features confidently
with product scoring and connections to other ideas, evidence, and experiments
Work the way you want
with customizable roadmap and workflow views
Change how you view ideas
with flexible options, such as a Kanban or list grouped by status, theme or timeline
Portfolio Dashboard
Gather everything you know about your product in one place
Gain a big picture understanding of what your users need and rally your team around direct user insights.
Collect evidence found anywhere
with GLIDR Capture Chrome extension and customer success integrations
Gain a deeper understaning of your users
with targeted research and experiments
Surface insights whenever you need them
with evidence connected to feature ideas and trend scores based on evidence ratings
Portfolio Dashboard
Connect your workflow, from roadmap to implementation
Use powerful integrations to let teams work where they want while you monitor progress without jumping between apps.
Close the gap with customer success
with seamless Intercom integration (Zendesk coming soon as well)
Break down silos between product and engineering
with two-way Jira and Trello integrations to share product specs and evidence
Give visibility across the organization
with exportable PDF reports, viewer accounts and Slack integration
All the features you need to ship things your users love
Product prioritization & planning
Use your Product Canvas to create and enhance your roadmap with connections to user feedback, customer interviews, research and experiments.
Product specs
Capture critical features, user stories, epics, or strategies as product ideas. Then connect supporting evidence, and build product specs.
Public roadmap & portal
Give your users visibility into your roadmap and capture new ideas or feedback on existing ideas from anyone, anywhere.
Linked Evidence
Gather knowledge from Intercom, Chrome, interviews, secondary research and experiments. Then connect it to ideas.
Trend Scores
Rate evidence as you go using a 5-point scale. Then use it to validate, sort and prioritize your ideas and roadmap.
Feature scoring
Prioritize features using ICE, RICE, Impact Vs Effort, and Pain Vs Frequency scales to score the value of each idea.
Jira integration
Seamlessly move product ideas from roadmap to delivery, without losing context.
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Intercom integration
Gather raw customer feedback from Intercom in real time and connect those conversations to relevant ideas.
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Trello integration
Send Ideas from GLIDR to boards in Trello with full product definition and links to connected Evidence.
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Chrome extension
Record data from any website to GLIDR without leaving the page. Then connect it your product or business ideas.
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Slack integration
Stay up to speed with product status and never miss a team conversation using Slack notifications.
Email Integration
Plan, run and analyze research and experiments at any stage, from early exploration to growth-stage testing.
Figma Integration
Speed up the feedback loop by displaying design prototypes directly in GLIDR.
Zapier Integration
Connect GLIDR to your various tools via Zapier to populate updates, share and import data easily, and improve data sharing across your organization.
Status Monitoring
Develop a custom workflow and then follow the status of every idea from discovery through delivery.
PDF Exporting
Export PDF reports of research and experiment findings. Share with stakeholders and influence product decisions.
Knowledge database
Keep all of your insights in one searchable location, and use it to spot patterns you might have otherwise missed.
Business Canvas
Organize business strategies and track progress using the Lean Canvas, Business Model Canvas or a custom framework.
Find out what these product teams already know
GLIDR helps us figure out where the customer need really is, and how to solve the right problem! We have several new businesses with prospects in the billion dollar range by getting those two things right.
Ryan Pletka
VP of Strategy, Black & Veatch
Customer 1
I do want to say you guys have really built an impressive tool. I evaluated extensively the last 8 weeks Aha, ProductBoard, ProductPlan,, ProdPlan in particular, and you have a superior product and approach in my opinion, I congratulate you.
Aaron Peebles
Principal, Get It
Customer 2
Two badass tools I wish I knew about earlier: @glidr and @figma design.
Chris Schetter
Director of Product Management, CargoSense
Customer 3
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