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GLIDR is a customer discovery and idea validation platform that helps your company quickly decide which ideas to pursue and which ones to table or eliminate.
GLIDR project workspace UI
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Validate That You're Taking the Right Ideas to Market
Discover jobs-to-be-done and uncover the best opportunities to pursue
Your company has lots of good ideas. But how do you know which are the great ones, the ones that will drive the most value for your company and customers? GLIDR helps you build a shared understanding of your customer's needs, and make evidence-based decisions regarding what to build and which ideas to pursue.
GLIDR build, measure, learn loop
All your innovation workflows in one place
One common space to share ideas, highlight assumptions, prioritize opportunities, plan research, test hypotheses, and track progress as Research and Experiments move through the GLIDR version of Build-Measure-Learn.
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Customizable Canvas
Visually organize your strategy and track progress
Use Alex Osterwalder's Business Model Canvas, the Lean Canvas, the Value Proposition Canvas, or a custom framework to organize your assumptions, track whether the evidence is saying to pivot or persevere, and see how your canvas is evolving over time.
GLIDR product assumptions UI
Prioritized Assumptions
Figure out what to test
Even the best ideas are just guesses until you test and prove them. Eric Ries refers to these as leap-of-faith assumptions. Capture your critical value, feature and growth ideas as assumptions and then prioritize the risky ones for testing with research and experiments.
GLIDR product experiments and research UI
Research and experiments
Replace guesswork with real market signals
Plan, run and analyze research and experiments at any stage, from early qualitative exploration to beta phase quantitative metrics. Analyze all your research, testing and experiments in one place and easily share and collaborate with teammates worldwide.
GLIDR experiment evidence UI
Gather evidence to support validation or invalidation
Gather evidence from customer interviews and other research and experiment sources. Attach the evidence to particular assumptions in order to confirm or disconfirm them using customizable thresholds. Tag emergent themes in order to more powerfully articulate and justify your innovation roadmap recommendations.
"GLIDR helps our team better execute the lean startup methodology so that we can improve our innovation management."
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