Product management, reinvented
GLIDR centers product management around discovery and validation, leading agile teams to more successful product launches.
Explore the market with targeted research
Get ahead of business opportunities and find inspiration for innovation.
Uncover unmet market needs
with investigative research probes
Test for trends
with experiments you can plan, run and analyze in GLIDR
Harness new discovery methods
with help from GLIDR's growing resource library
Draw from research and feedback to hone in on innovative ideas
Keep one record of ideas for a big-picture view that helps identify opportunity and risk.
Organize ideas for stronger visualization
with the Lean Canvas or Business Model Canvas
Prioritize risky ideas for testing
with connections between ideas, evidence and experiments
Plan what to build in your MVP
with customizable roadmap and workflow views
Use gathered data to make stronger business decisions
Bring evidence of all kinds together to guide and validate product direction.
Collect evidence found anywhere on the web
with GLIDR's Chrome extension
Spot and understand patterns
with a single view of all existing evidence
Identify worthwhile opportunities
with connections that back ideas
Key Features
Business Canvas
Organize business strategies and track progress using the Lean Canvas, Business Model Canvas or a custom framework.
Product roadmap
Create and enhance your roadmap with connections to user feedback, customer interviews, research and experiments.
Monitor Status
Develop a custom workflow and then follow the status of every idea from discovery through delivery.
Idea Cards
Capture critical features, user stories, epics, or strategies as product or business ideas. Prioritize the risky ones for testing.
Linked Evidence
Gather knowledge from Intercom, Chrome, interviews, secondary research and experiments. Then connect it to ideas.
Trend Scores
Rate evidence as you go using a 5-point scale. Then use it to validate, sort and prioritize your ideas and roadmap.
Discovery Tasks
Plan, run and analyze research and experiments at any stage, from early exploration to growth-stage testing.
PDF Exporting
Export PDF reports of research and experiment findings. Share with stakeholders and influence product decisions.
Knowledge database
Keep all of your insights in one searchable location, and use it to spot patterns you might have otherwise missed.
Chrome extension
Record data from any website to GLIDR without leaving the page. Then connect it your product or business ideas.
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Jira integration
Seamlessly move product ideas from roadmap to delivery, without losing context.
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Intercom integration
Gather raw customer feedback from Intercom in real time and connect those conversations to relevant ideas.
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Slack integration
Stay up to speed with product status and never miss a team conversation using Slack notifications.
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